Glover Archbold / Rock Creek Loop
   (includes some narrow bumpy, mostly single-track dirt trails)

0.0 Begin at Iwo Jima
    Go through Rosslyn
    Across Key Bridge
1.0 Sharp right after bridge thru Key Park down to river side of C&O Canal
    Left on C&O Towpath and QUICK right down steps to Water St.
    Right on Water St. to trailhead of Capital Crescent Trail
    Go 1/2 mile on Capital Crescent Trail
1.5 Just past 10 mile marker, turn right through culvert
    After culvert, loop to the right and turn right on Canal Rd
    QUICK right into trailhead of Glover Archbold trail
2.0 Follow trail across Reservoir Rd. at street corner
2.5 Follow trail past sign for Wesley Heights Trail
2.6 After this sign, bear right at "Y" split
3.2 Follow trail across New Mexico Rd.
3.5 Follow trail across Cathedral Ave.
4.0 Follow trail across Massachusetts Ave.
5.0 Follow trail to end, you will see a green awning on a store front
    This is Van Ness St... Turn right and cross Wisconsin.
    Continue on Van Ness
6.0 Turn left on Connecticut Ave.
6.5 Turn right on Windom Pl.
    QUICKLY enter Soapstone Valley Trail on left
7.5 Trail ends at Rock Creek; turn right on Rock Creek
8.0 Pass Peirce Mill, continue on Rock Creek Trail
9.5 Pass by entrance to zoo
    Stay on main trail thru zoo property to the right of the narrow parkway tunnel
12.5 Pass by Watergate and Kennedy Center
13.5 Turn right across Memorial Bridge
15.0 Finish at Iwo Jima